A Geek’s Guide to Presenting to Business People

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It’s always nerve-wracking when you’ve got to do a presentation, and even more so when you’re presenting to people who never seem to quite get it. That’s often how “IT people” feel when presenting to “business people”. Business-minded individuals get lost in the technical jargon that IT professionals use daily, and as a result your message is often lost in translation.

Attend this live webcast being held on June 20th and learn the art of presenting to business executives. Gain practical tips for making your presentations more compelling and successful, and find out what business people need in a presentation, including:

  • Specific recommendations or actions to take
  • Fewer technical details
  • More stories
  • And more
Citrix Online
Jun 20, 2012, 01:00 EDT (05:00 GMT)
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