Windows Application and Server Backup 2.0: Chapter 12- Tales from the Trenches: My Life with Backup 2.0

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Many organizations deploying "Backup 2.0" solutions - or modern backups for today's data-intensive environments - find themselves in over their heads before that first breath of relief. New environments have the potential to be very overwhelming, but with due patience and diligence, the return on investment won't only reflect in your budget - but in your mental well-being, too.

Enjoy the concluding installment of this e-book - instead of the horror stories from chapter 2 you may have seen, chapter 12 contains lighter experiences of new users of Backup 2.0 and offers insight regarding the navigation, understanding and successful deployment of your modern backup solution. Learn how to save time, money, anguish and how to fit your new backup system into the specific niches of your company.

Dell AppAssure Backup, Replication and Recovery Software
Feb 8, 2021
May 31, 2012
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