Windows Application and Server Backup 2.0: Chapter 10- When Everything Fails: What’s Your Disaster Recovery Plan?

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File restoration is discussed more often than the whole concept of disaster recovery, and for logical reason - it's just more common to have to pull a single file from backups rather than to experience an entire data center suffering a disaster. It's imperative, though, that disaster recovery receive the attention and planning you always hear it needs.

After all, there won't be any files to restore if you don't have a comprehensive DR plan before your data center floods.

Check out the tenth chapter of this e-book to learn about all that is DR. Explore old-school planning to fully understand what DR planning for today entails, learn about bare-metal and off-site recovery, virtualization as a disaster recovery strategy, application restoration and cold, warm and hot recovery - and more!

Dell AppAssure Backup, Replication and Recovery Software
Feb 8, 2021
May 31, 2012
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