Solved: The Mystery of SSD Performance Benchmarking

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Your application performance, although not adequate, was at least predictable when you were just adding shelves of disk to your storage system to increase performance. Today, flash storage has changed the game and promises to provide excellent performance. But, figuring out how to measure application performance that can be compared against the wide array of flash-based storage solutions available has become an unsolved mystery to most.

In this informative webinar, Enterprise Strategy Group and Virident will reveal the secret to accurately measuring SSD performance in your environment. In order to unravel the mystery, we’ve partnered with analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group to host a free webinarto discuss the following topics:

• The challenges and differences between measuring HDD and SSD application performance
• Distinctive performance behavior of SSD
• Current industry tools available to measure application performance of SSD
• How to get an accurate read on the application performance in your environment when utilizing SSD technology to attain optimum and consistent results

As a special offer available only to webinar attendees, 50% off the retail price of Virident's FlashMAX Storage Class Memory with vFAS for the next 30 days.

Jun 7, 2012
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