Sun World International: A case study in smarter planet leadership

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Profitability in the field of commercial agriculture stems purely from bringing the right product to the market at the precise time.

Sun World International, a mid-sized grower in California, employs a targeting strategy that revolves around such a method. They plant red seedless grapes that harvest in September, which is late on the calendar as far as grapes go. Real-time market insight is required for this approach to succeed, though.

All of this was made possible when Sun World changed its management and competitive strategy, employing a more analytics-based approach to optimize its everyday operations.

This case study outlines why Sun World decided to shift its focus and how it is now able to transform all of its data into actionable insights and achieve its maximum potential. Read this now and learn how Sun World gained a 5% reduction in harvesting costs, a 20% reduction in fuel usage and even better, an eight-fold increase in profit per acre due to data-driven change in one element of its crop strategy.

Feb 8, 2021
May 22, 2012
Case Study
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