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SAP Runs SAP Mobile


Consumer technology is having an impact on every business, transforming experiences for employees, partners and customers alike. The smartest businesses, such as SAP, have learned to embrace these technologies and integrate mobility for improved productivity, collaboration, and performance.

SAP currently has over 40,000 mobile devices in use around the world, and they have leveraged mobile technology to enable 55,000 global employees from a variety of departments to access critical data, personalized reports, real-time forecasting, and more. With rock solid security governing both personal and SAP-owned devices, access to corporate information can be permitted or revoked at any time.

Check out this video now to discover more on how SAP is leveraging mobile technology to enable employees and get ahead of competition and how you can mobilize your enterprise.

SAP America, Inc.
14 May 2012

This resource is no longer available.