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Classroom: Affordable Disaster Recovery in the Cloud


Is your enterprise prepared for the unexpected? Whether it’s a three-minute outage caused by human error or a three-day outage caused by a natural disaster, you need to have a plan to keep IT resources up and running to maintain business as usual. Moving real-time backups to the cloud can save you money and protect data. But how do you know your cloud DR plan is sound and what are the risks?

Lesson one is a podcast discussing the considerations of DR product selection. Learn to determine your company’s recovery needs, set realistic recovery goals, and assess the cloud DR solutions available. The second lesson includes an article about controlling and testing DR in the cloud. It covers what’s required for cloud-based DR and offers guidelines for ensuring that it works properly and quickly. Lesson three provides a detailed webcast that delves into the details of DR in the cloud; how DR in the cloud works and what the technology brings to your enterprise.

Dell and VMware
14 May 2012
07 May 2012
Virtual Environment

This resource is no longer available.