Computer Weekly - 8 May 2012: The changing face of retail IT

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Retail firms ramp up e-commerce investment as shopping habits shift

Retailers are shifting their IT investment away from core systems towards customer-facing applications, in a move to capitalise on the growth of e-commerce.

Interview: Oracle president Mark Hurd – how standardised systems and cloud will simplify corporate IT

Mark Hurd has stayed largely out of the limelight and got to grips with his new job in the 18 months since he joined Oracle after leaving HP in controversial circumstances. But last month, he was in London to meet Oracle customers, and gave his first interview to the UK technology press.

Government CIO sets out to translate ICT strategic agenda into reality

Recently appointed government CIO Andy Nelson has his work cut out, tasked with transforming an ambitious 19-point ICT agenda from strategy to reality across Whitehall, along with his day job working as Ministry of Justice CIO. 

Buyer's Guide to government IT – part three: Smart cities thinking out of the box

The more local government releases data without strings attached, in open formats, the more likely it is that developers and businesses will use it to build the applications and services that world-class cities need.

Automate testing for agile quality

The mainstream adoption of agile development methods is driving an increased emphasis on test automation. But will test automation allow businesses to more successfully implement agile methodologies, or erode in-house quality assurance?

History repeats itself as IBM rejoins the pre-integrated IT systems party

IBM is the latest supplier to jump on the pre-integrated hardware and software system bandwagon. IBM has introduced a category of server appliances, dubbed Pure-Systems, which provide pre-integrated hardware and software to simplify IT deployments and management.

What CIOs can learn from Web 2.0

In just about every business, organisational activities and practices continually evolve. Most of these changes are small and incremental, but occasionally things must change dramatically. Understanding how your key activities and practices are evolving is essential for sound organisational planning.

Opinion: Three key considerations to benefit from big data

To make the most of big data opportunities, business leaders need to focus on three key areas: managing the volume of data; accessing the commercial insights; and securing the right skills, writes Stephen Gallagher from PA Consulting.

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