Business Analytics – Pushing Towards Relevance

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Business analytics and business intelligence (BI) are pervasive tools in today's business environment, separating companies from their competitors through competitive advantages gained by gleaning insight their foes cannot.

However, it's not as widespread as you may think.

A disconnect exists between IT and potential BI users, as evidenced by CIO magazine's research that found that 25% of senior IT executives say their bosses view IT as a cost center, and only 11% think IT can be a competitive differentiator.

This brief paper details the current state of business analytics and reveals the results from a Computerworld Quick Poll. Take some time to read this now and inherit a list of best practices that will help CIOs spearhead their company's BI initiatives to make better use of data for a competitive advantage. Learn why defining a true enterprise strategy and teaching end users to use the business analytics tools themselves can help foster a data-rich environment that will vault you ahead of your competition.

Feb 8, 2021
May 4, 2012
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