Computer Weekly - 1 May 2012: The technology behind the England football team

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In this week's Computer Weekly, we talk to the Football Association's IT director about how technology will help improve the prospects for the England national team. The first part of our Buyer's Guide to government IT looks at the future of open source in the public sector. We report from the Infosec 2012 conference on the rising number of cyber attacks facing UK businesses. And we examine the issues around preparing your corporate network for using cloud computing. Read the issue now.


Football Association’s technology proves great advert for the IT game

FA IT director Rob Ray talks about the growing role of technology in supporting the national football team and how networking is being used to improve coaching at all levels of the game.


Buyer's Guide to government IT – part one: UK government’s open source future

While the pace of the move to open source in the public sector has been slow so far, a number of factors are converging to determine the blueprint for its future use in government IT.


Record security breach numbers cost billions as one in seven firms hacked

UK organisations are suffering a record number of security breaches, costing them billions of pounds a year, according to a survey published at Infosec 2012.


IT managers more secure in jobs but salary doubts prompt plans to move

Some IT professionals may be feeling unsatisfied with new responsibilities being added to their job roles this year, but overall most feel their jobs are safer, according to a survey from Computer Weekly.


Case study: Estate agent beefs up network for unified comms and multimedia apps

Property consultant Knight Frank has replaced its ADSL network with a high-speed network from Virgin Media Business to improve the performance of its applications and facilitate unified communications.


Preparing your network for the cloud

Companies must have enough affordable and reliable bandwidth to serve their users’ needs as they move to the cloud.


Opinion: Open standards is about the business model, not the technology

The activities of some of the large software companies over the UK government open standards consultation are strikingly similar to those of the record industry 10 years ago as it thrashed about during the death throes of a similarly old-fashioned business model, writes Cambridge University's Mark Thompson.


Predictive analytics tapped to cut costs in oil and gas sector

Using predictive analytics tools, equipment can be replaced based on its condition and not according to a manufacturer’s timetable.

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