Cabot Partners: Optimizing Business Value for Midsized SAP Landscapes with IBM PowerLinux: Simpler by Design

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Midsized businesses today face challenges from multiple quarters. Their suppliers and customers are mostly larger companies that require them to adopt stringent standards with fewer available resources. To remain competitive, it’s critical for these midsized businesses to balance cost control and efficiency. 

Driven by cost considerations, many midsized companies are adopting Linux on x86 for their business applications such as SAP, only to find that the lower acquisition costs of x86 based Linux solutions for SAP may lead to much higher TCO as these configurations scale up.  To address this, IBM offers the IBM PowerLinux Solution Edition for SAP for midsized SAP workloads, supported by its PowerVM virtualization solution and the IBM DB2 database. This simple, single server virtualized solution is delivered, implemented, and supported by IBM Business Partners. 

In this paper,  Optimizing Business Value for Midsized SAP Landscapes with IBM PowerLinux, Cabot Partners explains how IBM’s solution for customers with midsized SAP landscapes is simpler by design, delivering better performance, lower energy consumption, and rapid deployment. 

Feb 8, 2021
Apr 26, 2012
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