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Experience a Smooth and Swift Backup Optimized for your Database


Virtually every company, regardless of size or industry, needs data archive capabilities. Datacenter administrators across all industry segments face similar archive challenges: explosive data growth, pressure to meet promised service levels and backup windows for users, “forever” archive data retention and retrieval requirements, and rising energy costs.

Their data protection environments are becoming larger, more complex, and increasingly diverse. Administrators face the challenges of meeting the growing data backup requirements and providing a comprehensive backup solution while maintaining costs and building a platform that will continue to meet future demands.

This paper describes the Oracle Optimized Solution for Oracle Secure Backup. The solution includes optimized architectures for deploying Oracle Secure Backup software to provide data protection for Oracle engineered systems, including Oracle Exadata, SPARC SuperCluster, and Oracle Optimized Solutions.

These pretested, high performance architectures can be used to accelerate data protection processing and management with breakthrough cost structures based on Oracle Secure Backup software powered by Oracle's servers, operating systems, and tape storage systems. The Oracle Optimized Solution for Oracle Secure Backup delivers next-generation data protection for large and small environments with near no-single-point-of-failure high availability and the security of encryption. The flexible, multitier architecture provides virtually unlimited scalability with central management and end-to-end data protection across heterogeneous technologies.

Oracle Corporation
24 Apr 2012
24 Apr 2012
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This resource is no longer available.