Delivering on high cloud expectations

Delivering on high cloud expectations



Delivering On High Cloud Expectations


Business demands for easier, faster, and more flexible IT services are driving this behavior, and IT organizations can’t afford to respond sluggishly, even while pursuing simplification and cost reduction objectives.


CIOs sense the competitive pressure that cloud is applying to their organization and are prioritizing the creation of a comprehensive cloud strategy for their firms in the coming year.


This strategy must create a path toward cloud that: 1) unifies management across public, private, and virtual services; 2) automates complex service provisioning and operations; and 3) creates transparency to enable real discussion about IT demand and cost.


Exectuive summary:

  • The business sees public cloud as higher availability, faster, more flexible, and to a lesser extent, lower cost.
  • Firms are embracing public cloud services, with a preference for managing them internally.
  • IT is struggling to both lower costs and deliver more capability.
  • Amid these high expectations, CIOs worry that public cloud challenges their organization.


Survey results:

  • 58% run mission-critical workloads today in the unmanaged public cloud, regardless of policy.
  • 79% plan to run mission-critical workloads on unmanaged public cloud services in the nexttwo years.
  • 39% reported five or more virtual server pools, and 43% reported three or more hypervisor technologies.
  • 71% thought that IT operations should be responsible for public cloud services.


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