Computer Weekly – 24 April 2012: Are CIOs earning credibility in the boardoom?

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Computer Weekly – 24 April 2012: Are CIOs earning credibility in the boardoom?


In this week’s Computer Weekly, we examine research that suggests CEOs want to invest in IT more than ever, but still see CIOs as technical experts and not business people ready to contribute in the boardroom. We review SQL Server 2012 and ask if Microsoft's database software is catching its competitors. Our Buyer's Guide to data security concludes with a look at the legal considerations for IT leaders around EU data privacy regulation. And we look at how CIOs can make savings by reducing the carbon footprint of their networks. Read the issue now.


CEOs want to use IT to boost business growth – but say CIOs are not cut out for the board

By more than a two-to-one ratio, CEOs are inclined to increase IT spending this year rather than to reduce it, according to analyst Gartner. But company bosses also say they view CIOs as itinerant technology specialists, rather than candidates for the boardroom. What does this mean for IT leaders?


Review: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 - Cloud-scaled database management

Microsoft has released SQL Server 2012, the name suggesting that this is the biggest update since SQL Server 2008. This is a big release which offers solid improvements for SQL Server deployments of every scale.


Buyer's Guide to data security – part three: The issues businesses must consider to comply with EU data regulation

The European Commission’s proposal for a General Data Protection Regulation represents the most significant global development in data protection law since the EU Data Protection Directive, a legal framework which has struggled to remain relevant in an age of mass information sharing.


Cut costs with a green network

Ensuring your network and datacentre are running efficiently as part of a green networking strategy can cut hardware and software costs, save on power and contribute to corporate environmental policies.


Digital overhaul boosts efficiency across UK criminal justice system

Crown Prosecution Service chief information officer David Jones is leading an IT-led transformation aimed at streamlining and modernising operations across the entire criminal justice system.


How public sector can save millions with standardised shared IT services

The prize for public sector savings through shared services is substantial. Some reports estimate it could slash budgets by hundreds of millions of pounds. With such significant cost reductions to be made, what makes these projects work?


Risk-averse schools must be inspired with IT success stories

Businesses fear a shortage of IT-literate school-leavers as budget concerns limit school equipment.


Opinion: Identity assurance for online public services

Identity assurance is an important cornerstone of the work to rebuild trust between government and citizens and demonstrate how far thinking has matured following the failed and costly national identity card programme, writes Jerry Fishenden, chairman of the government’s Identity Assurance Programme privacy and consumer stakeholder group.

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