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Case Study: Quarles & Brady Survives a Hurricane and Performs Discovery Processes 1.8-fold Faster with Dell Storage Solution


On October 24, 2005, Hurricane Wilma made landfall in Florida. Damage in Florida alone totaled more than $26 billion, and in some areas power was out for two weeks.

Based in Milwaukee, the law firm Quarles & Brady had a remote office in Naples, Florida. Before Wilma struck, the Naples office prepared for the storm by sending backup tapes of its direct attach storage by overnight express to the firm’s headquarters. Afterwards, the Naples office was closed for 4 days. During this time, data was inaccessible, which hampered attorneys working off-site.

To avoid a repeat of the Hurricane Wilma incident Quarles & Brady was determined to find hardware solutions for the remote offices and greatly improve disaster recovery. By virtualizing 75 percent of its servers along with 46 Dell EqualLogic iSCSI SAN arrays, Quarles & Brady took advantage of a full range of innovative technological capabilities in a shared storage environment. Results included:

  • 93 percent reduced recovery point objective
  • 10 times faster iSCSI read and write speeds
  • Ability to replicate entire storage volume to its Wisconsin headquarters in 45 minutes
  • And more

Read this 2-page white paper to learn more.

Dell and VMware
11 Apr 2012
31 Jul 2011
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This resource is no longer available.