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Cloud Computing Innovator Series


The adage that technology is always changing has long been accepted as truth. But today, with the help of cloud computing, IT transformation is faster than ever. Cloud has also changed business expectations. The IT department of the future must act as a fully integrated business services organization, placing CIOs at a crossroads. These executives are given the choice to either embrace innovation through strategy and role change or find their job diminished.

This Innovator Series provides CIOs with a view into the future of IT, business benefits and drawbacks to anticipate, along with strategies to stay one step ahead. Gain access to expert content, including a video and two podcasts with cloud implementation and security advice directly from your peers. In our exclusive e-guide, learn how to align IT and business goals while leading your company into the cloud. Uncover three technology trends shaping the role of the CIO, so that you can strategize for success in a competitive market. 

DellEMC and Intel®
05 Apr 2012
05 Apr 2012
Virtual Seminar

This resource is no longer available.