Managing the Information that Drives the Enterprise Storage: Focus on Storage for Virtual Machines

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Virtualizing servers and desktops can make maintenance and management a lot easier for system administrators but not so much for storage managers. Consolidating servers or desktop PCs can put new strains on storage systems, but it’s a lot more complicated than just needing more capacity to accommodate all those centralized virtual machines which can spawn at an alarming rate. Virtualization puts new demands on storage, so whether you opt for FC, iSCSI or NAS, storage will be a key factor for your virtual environment. Read this e-book for expert tips and suggestions on managing storage for virtual servers and virtual desktops. Features include:

  • Ten things to know about storage for VMs
  • iSCSI and vSphere: A good match?
  • Choosing NAS for Virtual Machines
Dell, Inc. and Intel®
Feb 8, 2021
Apr 7, 2010

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