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Data Center Webinar Series – Part 3


View this essential webcast to learn about the following key data center security issues:

  • Types of attacks every data center must plan against
  • How targeted and unknown attacks are currently infiltrating data center networks
  • Best practices for implementing proven data center network security against these modern threats


Chris King Director of Product Marketing, Palo Alto Networks

Chris King is director of product marketing for Palo Alto Networks. Prior to joining Palo Alto Networks in 2007, Mr. King held strategic and product marketing roles at Blue Coat Systems, including responsibility for marketing and strategy for MACH5, Blue Coat's application acceleration solution – which he launched and helped grow to a $160 million/year business. Before joining Blue Coat in 2004, Mr. King spent over 8 years as an information technology analyst for META Group.

Wade Williamson Expert in Netwroks' Threat Review Series

Wade Williamson has extensive industry experience in intrusion prevention, secure mobility, and both wired and wireless networking. He has been a steady and active researcher of new threats and techniques used to compromise enterprise networks and mobile end-users. As an expert in the field he leads Palo Alto Networks’ Threat Review Series, which provides analysis and best-practices in response to the latest industry threats.

Palo Alto Networks
Apr 10, 2012, 12:00 EDT (16:00 GMT)

This resource is no longer available.