Computer Weekly - 3 April 2012: Data security best practice

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In this week’s Computer Weekly, we kick off our Buyer's Guide to data security by looking at the changing role of the IT security chief. We examine why flexible working is proving so slow to roll out when so many people are keen for it to happen. We talk to the UK's air traffic control operator about its ambitious desktop virtualisation project. Big data will mean big changes for storage architectures, but what are your options? And we hear from Gartner about how business process management can improve the corporate bottom line. Read the issue now.


Buyer's Guide to data security – part one: How CISOs can keep up security best practice in a threat landscape in flux

Over the past decade, the security landscape has changed, from one where everything was locked down to the nth degree, to a more open approach that encourages collaboration across company boundaries. As the smartphone phenomenon has taken off, chief information security officers (CISOs) have needed to rethink what personal computing security really means.


What’s holding up flexible working?

Technology enabling workers to carry out their jobs regardless of location is set to feature on many CIOs’ shopping lists. Flexible working offers business benefits and allows employees to improve their work/life balance. But will managers accept it?


How to virtualise the desktop IT that keeps UK air traffic in the sky

National Air Traffic Service (NATS), the UK’s air traffic controller, is rolling out an ambitious virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) programme.


Big data needs even bigger storage

We look at current and future storage options for managing the rapidly growing volume of business data.


How CIOs can overcome the barriers to raising the bottom line with BPM

Companies must radically rethink the way they organise staff and collaborate if they want to improve business, according to Gartner. Business process management (BPM) can drive business improvement, but there remain several barriers to overcome in realising its full potential.


How to save your business millions by automating back-office processes

Mobile operator O2 has deployed software to automate business processes, which the company hopes will reduce the cost of back office operations and its reliance on offshore recruitment to cope with spikes in workload.


Juggling to keep the lights on in a scramble to beat the competition

Gazprom Marketing and Trading has rolled out a global SAP system, upgraded its gas trading platform and built a system to integrate the two – all in the space of a month. Global IT director Rob Pringle tells us how.


Adapting to new data rules

We look at how planned changes to data protection regulations will affect small businesses.


Symantec: Security vision redefined

Symantec is living proof that security is big business, having grown steadily in the internet boom to become the world’s largest security and data management supplier. We take an in-depth look at the company's development.


Opinion: Women in Technology - Learning the rules of a boys' game

Maria Ingold, chief technology officer and head of technology at FilmFlex Movies, writes about her experiences of making it to the top in a male-dominated IT profession.


This week's digital edition is sponsored by Gartner, HP, Infosecurity and Oracle.

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