Computer Weekly - 13 March 2012: The economics of private cloud

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In this week’s Computer Weekly, we kick off our Buyer's Guide to private cloud by examining the relative merits of private and public clouds for reducing energy costs. We report from the RSA conference on the latest IT security trends and the future for Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing initiative. We discuss the role of apprenticeships in encouraging more young people to work in IT. And we look at the implications of the EU's new data protection plan and how it could lead to greater enforcement powers for the UK's Information Commissioner.


Buyer's Guide to private cloud – part one: How to exploit the energy economics of private cloud

With so many private cloud infrastructure offerings on the market – from VMware’s vSphere to Microsoft Hyper-V and System Centre and new products such as Dell’s pre-packaged private cloud for datacentres, vStart 200 – are energy-efficient private cloud datacentres at an industry tipping point, or is it all merely market hype?


Keeping ahead of advancing threats requires an intelligent team effort

The main themes of RSA Conference 2012 in San Francisco were collaboration across the IT security industry and the need for intelligence-led security to counter determined and persistent adversaries.


Information commissioner sizes up private sector in bid for new powers

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has submitted a business case to the government for extending its powers to carry out compulsory audits. Does this mean the ICO is finally planning to tackle data protection in the private sector with the same vigour as it has in the public sector?


Drumming up fresh enthusiasm for IT

John Harris, Corporate IT Forum chairman and vice president of global IT strategy at GlaxoSmithKline, talks about investing in future IT recruits and the importance of skills development.


Opinion: Is big data just big hype?

How much is there to all this big data talk? Is it all about putting new labels on existing product offerings, or is it a bunch of interesting but immature technologies that aren’t yet ready for enterprise deployment, asks Martha Bennett, head of strategy at analyst Freeform Dynamics.


Learning the language of computers

Programming is a journey between the real world and a computer. Unfortunately, what’s in the real world is just about as far from the insides of a computer as you can get.

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