Computer Weekly - 6 March 2012: Windows 8 - tablet meets desktop

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In this week’s Computer Weekly, we find out the experts' response to the first glimpse of Windows 8 as the preview version is released, marking Microsoft's attempt to merge the worlds of tablets and desktops. Cabinet Office permanent secretary Ian Watmore, the senior Whitehall civil servant in charge of IT strategy, gives us the lowdown on the future of government IT. We talk to some top CIOs about how the downturn has shaped their priorities. And the final part of our Buyer's Guide to IPv6 looks at how to migrate successfully.


Windows 8: tablet meets desktop

The most hotly anticipated announcement at Mobile World Congress  in Barcelona last week was not the next big thing from Apple, but Microsoft’s big push into the tablet market. The company that has made billions providing the Windows operating system for desktop and laptop computers is entering the next era in its long and largely successful history.


Transforming public sector IT with the next generation of technology

Ian Watmore is closely acquainted with public sector IT – he was appointed the first ever government CIO in 2004, after working as UK managing director at Accenture. Since then he has held various IT and managerial roles in the civil service – as well as a brief stint as chief executive of the Football Association. Today, as permanent secretary to the Cabinet Office, he retains a huge influence over government IT policy.


How IT leaders plan to spend their 2012 budget

Following on from Computer Weekly research that identified the top areas for IT investment, we talk to a selection of CIOs to find out where their IT priorities lie this year.


Case study: migrating to Office 365

Events and hospitality firm iLuka has moved its IT into the cloud to improve security and saved thousands of pounds in Microsoft licensing fees in the process.


Buyer's Guide to IPv6 migration – part three: How to upgrade to IPv6

We look at the licensing and hardware considerations in the switch to IPv6.


Public sector IT chiefs prioritise PSN infrastructure over CloudStore apps

The public services network (PSN) is designed to act as a “network of networks” to enable the delivery of government services from any provider or location, while the recently launched CloudStore is intended to act as a portal for on-demand IT services for the public sector. But which should IT leaders opt for first?


Opinion: Do organisations really want SaaS office tools?

Google Apps has claimed a lot of column inches as it seeks to challenge Microsoft’s Office suite. And since the launch of Office 365, Microsoft itself has trumpeted its web-based office capability. But what do people working in businesses consider the role to be for such tools, asks Freeform Dynamics analyst Tony Lock.


What next for government IT chiefs?

As Ministry of Justice CIO Andy Nelson takes the position as government CIO and a new deputy is about to be appointed, the qualities the next CIO leadership team will need are under scrutiny.


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