E-Guide: The Implications of Infrastructure for Database Performance

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This e-guide focuses on the impact of infrastructure on database performance. While query improvements can usually help, sometimes IT pros must reach outside that box to see how else performance might be affected-- from the CPU and RAM of a server to the storage topology and networking infrastructure. This paper dives into the storage and networking layers, while examining how server appliances like Exadata and Exalogic can affect database performance.

Read on to discover expert insight on:

  • Why just throwing money and CPU cycles at a problem won't always work
  • How to identify goals and evaluate database performance
  • Tools to help diagnose database performance problems
  • Why database administrators need to first look closely at database design
  • When you should look at the server, storage and networking pieces to improve database performance
  • And more
Dell, Inc. and Intel®
Feb 8, 2021
Feb 28, 2012
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