Computer Weekly - 28 February 2012: Taking UK government into the cloud

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Computer Weekly – 28 February 2012: Taking UK government into the cloud


In this week’s Computer Weekly, we examine the CloudStore, the government's new online app store that aims to grow the use of cloud computing and cut the costs of public sector IT. Sainsbury's IT director Rob Fraser tells us why in-house IT is better than outsourcing. We provide expert tips on security policy for employees using smartphones to access corporate data. And our buyer's guide to IPv6 migration looks at the issues for SMEs.


How CloudStore could transform the market for public sector IT

The government’s CloudStore could signal a new model for procuring IT, making it easier for the public sector to do business with SMEs and breaking up the traditional supplier monopoly. We ask how disruptive this move will be for the IT market in government.


How to write a smartphone security policy

We ask the experts to outline the factors CIOs must consider in writing policy for employees using smartphones for work.


Good IT costs less when you keep it in house, says Sainsbury’s IT director

Rob Fraser, IT chief at one of the UK's leading retailers, talks about how the firm plans to grow to twice its size without doubling its IT footprint.


CIOs prioritise Windows 7 migration as cloud hype outweighs roll-out

Windows 7 migration will be the main focus for IT decision-makers this year, with 41% of the IT leaders polled in the TechTarget/Computer Weekly 2012 IT priorities survey labelling it a top priority.


Opinion: The problem with Open Data

Although clearly a good thing in theory, in practice Open Data is more likely to increase the digital divide and socially inequality than it is to reduce it, unless we approach the subject critically, warns Tony Roberts, founder and former CEO of development charity Computer Aid International.


Buyer's Guide to IPv6 migration - part two: IPv6 migration tips for small firms

We look at the practical issues for SMEs and provide advice on what should be done to prepare for IPv6 and what pressure there is to do so.


UK government faces opposition in drive towards open standards

Government IT chiefs are being challenged by proprietary software suppliers over their policy of adopting open standards for public sector software and systems purchasing. We examine the issues.


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