Maximize Your Storage Spend by Doing More with Less - Transcript

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Nowadays it’s more important than ever to maximize ROI. Given today's steady growth in unstructured data (i.e. video files, pictures, office documents, etc.) storage is becoming a growing investment for most IT departments.

Download this presentation transcript to discover how to free yourself from vendor lock-in by expensive proprietary storage hardware companies, and learn how you can take advantage of today's new wave of storage buying. Find out how you can do more with your existing storage and spend less time and money to accommodate changing workloads. Also included:

  • The types of companies turning to open source storage to save on costs
  • How you can make storage work for you by doing more with less
  • A new architectural approach to storage that you can take advantage of now
Red Hat
Feb 8, 2021
Feb 23, 2012
Presentation Transcript
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