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100% Storage Uptime: Overcoming vSphere’s Single Point of Failure


Since their inception, virtualization technologies have promised administrators that virtual servers are in every way better than their physical counterparts - backups are easier, storage is more affordable, etc. But looming over these benefits is the fact that virtualization has introduced what could be IT's single greatest point of failure - your SAN storage.

Because advanced platforms like VMware vSphere rely on shared SAN storage, during the event of a host failure VMs that failover will move their processing to alternate hosts - disk files will not. These large files require much more time and effort to move to new storage and can be crippling to recovery from a host failure.

Check out this white paper to learn what you can do to achieve 100% uptime with your storage and avoid these pitfalls. Discover what you can do to protect against a failure of your entire storage, learn where virtualization's shortcomings are and learn how disaster recovery technologies can help you achieve 100% uptime. Read on for more.

StarWind Software Inc.
22 Feb 2012
22 Feb 2012
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This resource is no longer available.