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The Path to Cloud Enablement: Consolidate and Virtualize


Following RISC Migration and application consolidation, it is imperative to construct a virtualization framework on which to build your evolving cloud stack.  Many organizations are challenged by limited resources in traditional x86 platforms, and increasingly high software licensing costs for proprietary hypervisor and guest management solutions.  Learn why Cisco UCS was purpose built to provide a more consolidated virtualization foundation for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and how the combined solution can deliver unmatched savings for architects looking to build an open source cloud foundation.


Jenny Koerv

Jenny Koerv is currently responsible for Red Hat business development at Cisco.  As a former Red Hat Enterprise Linux Architect (RHCE, RHCA), she developed a keen understanding of how to apply open source technology to form the best solutions to address customer pain points.  Today, she uses her solution background to develop business for industry leading solutions based on Cisco UCS hosting the Red Hat software stack.

James Rankin

James Rankin works as a senior solution architect at Red Hat. In this role, he architects server virtualization and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions in a variety of vertical markets and performs on-site proof-of-concept Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization.  James has experience with major virtualization solutions on the market and with most major storage vendors. He has been designing virtualization and storage solutions for more than 5 years.

Red Hat/Cisco/Intel
Feb 9, 2012

This resource is no longer available.