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Storage Decisions University: SSD Deployment Options


Solid-state/flash storage is the fastest-moving deployment trend in storage since dedupe. Prices for solid-state storage drives are the lowest they’ve ever been. New, innovative applications are hitting the market fast.


It’s evident that the solid state movement is finally in place and the technology is finally shaping up to be the popular, game-changing technology it was declared to be.


Get a better understanding on the state of solid-state storage technology in our Storage Decisions University classroom. Featuring expert insights from Dennis Martin, you’ll discover:


  • Solid-state drive options currently available to storage managers
  • 3 ways to deploy SSDs – and the pros and cons of each method
  • How SSD technology can impact network and CPU
  • And more


Dennis Martin Founder and President, Demartek

Dennis Martin is the founder and President of Demartek, a computer industry analyst organization with its own on-site test lab. Demartek focuses on lab validation testing and performance testing of storage and related hardware and software products. Dennis has been working in the information technology industry since 1980, primarily involved in software development and project management in mainframe, UNIX, and Windows environments. These include a variety of large and small end-user customers, and engineering and marketing positions for storage vendors such as StorageTek.

31 Jan 2012
31 Jan 2012
Virtual Seminar

This resource is no longer available.