The Social-Powered Enterprise

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They’re doing it on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. They’re blogging, commenting, reviewing and joining user communities. And as they do so, they’re determining the value of your brand and your business.

The social media revolution has amplified the voice of every customer and empowered us all to take greater
control of our relationships with the companies and brands we choose to do business with.

Now, as a business leader, it’s your turn to choose. You can ignore this global groundswell, dismissing it as hype, or you can decide to understand it, rise to the challenges and seize the opportunities.

This e-book is for CEOs and business strategists ready to embrace the rise of social media – to harness the power of social media and put it to work throughout the company. It’s based on our experience helping tens of thousands of companies of all sizes put the power of social media to work across their businesses.

If you’re still convinced that Twitter is just for celebrity-watching and Facebook for teenage gossip, we hope you’ll keep reading. It also discusses the benefits of social-powered selling, including greater reach, higher productivity and better close rates amongst more.

Feb 8, 2021
Feb 6, 2012
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