Computer Weekly - 31 January 2012: The importance of IT strategy

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In this week’s Computer Weekly, we take an in-depth look at the importance of IT strategy at a time when technology budgets are under ever-greater pressure. The first part of our Buyer’s Guide to virtualisation examines the barriers preventing many organisations from adopting the technology and how they can be overcome. Transport for London’s CIO talks about how IT will help avoid travel chaos during the Olympics; and we examine the key trends in public sector IT.


Shrinking IT budgets mean strategy is everything

CIOs are facing an austere 2012. Spending on IT will rise on average by just 0.5% worldwide, but IT budgets in the UK, Europe and North America are declining. And yet, a worldwide survey shows that technology has never been more important to businesses.


Buyer’s Guide to virtualisation: Part one - Business data at a virtual standstill

Many organisations have still to reap the benefits of virtualisation. We look at what is holding it up.


Key trends for government IT in 2012

The public sector has had a tough year, with budget squeezes resulting in a record number of IT redundancies, according to public sector IT body Socitm. As more spending constraints are set to follow this year, we examine the landscape for public sector IT in 2012.


CISO role evolves towards balancing business and security objectives

Emerging business and security requirements are demanding new skills of the chief information security officer (CISO) role.


Interview: Transport for London CIO Steve Townsend

According to its critics, the London 2012 Olympics will bring transport chaos to the capital. For the IT team at Transport for London, the body responsible for controlling the Tube, buses and traffic in the city, the challenge is to use technology to make sure that doesn’t happen.


Opinion: What computers can’t do

All of us get sucked in by sensationalist stories about how a $100 laptop will revolutionise education in Africa, or how social media can sweep away dictatorships. We want to believe it's true. Sorry to rain on your parade, but computers can't transform education any more than social media can depose dictators, writes Computer Aid founder Tony Roberts


The secret of retail survival

Retailers had little reason to celebrate over the Christmas period. While overall sales figures looked dismal across the board, online revenues mitigated some of the damage, providing further proof that a strong multi-channel strategy will be the difference in staying ahead as consumer spending continues to tighten.


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