Computer Weekly 24 January 2012: Has Microsoft succeeded with Trustworthy Computing?

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In this week’s issue of Computer Weekly, we mark the 10th anniversary of Microsoft chairman Bill Gates announcing the Trustworthy Computing initiative, and ask if the programme has made IT any more secure. We also ask what Oracle’s latest developments mean for its software users running rival server hardware; and we conclude our Buyer’s Guide to IT consumerisation by looking at the governance issues around staff using their own technology.


Has Microsoft succeeded in raising the trustworthiness of computing?

Microsoft is marking the 10th anniversary of its Trustworthy Computing group, but has any significant progress been made since 15 January 2002 when Microsoft chairman Bill Gates sent an e-mail memo to all employees, identifying trustworthy computing as the highest priority?



Oracle navigates towards integrated platform as users face data decision

Oracle claims its combined software/hardware platform offers higher performance compared to rivals and is cheaper and simpler to manage. But users of HP and IBM hardware may find their Oracle software 50% more expensive to license. Can existing users afford to continue running Oracle databases on HP or IBM servers?



How to make the cash to run UK plc while adapting to digital-by-default

Vince Groome, director of IT solutions at HM Revenue & Customs, tells Computer Weekly about Universal Credit, benchmarking IT costs, and the challenges of delivering digital public services.



Opinion: Innovation’s dirty secret

Innovation has a dirty little secret. It is unspoken, so swept under the carpet that most executives are unaware of it. And the secret is this: breakthrough innovation does not really pay, writes innovation expert and author James Gardner.


Buyer’s Guide to IT consumerisation: Part three - balance control and choice in policy

Consumerisation and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies have become headline-grabbing issues, but in the rush to be seen to be doing something about it, organisations risk making mistakes. Asset governance is pivotal to retaining control of company data used on employees' technology.


Boost developer productivity

We review the IntelliJ IDEA software development tool from JetBrains, and ask if it is a genuine alternative to open source rivals such as Eclipse.


Rethinking agile database strategy

The database is the engine of business IT. As organisations take a fresh look at their database infrastructure, we examine the options available.


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