Data Warehousing 2.0- Modeling and Metadata Strategies for Next Generation Architectures

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This paper examines Data Warehousing 2.0 and the evolution of the architecture surrounding data warehouses. DW 2.0 has different sectors. There is a need for metadata to control the activities in each of these sectors. In addition, there is a data model for each of the sectors. Each data model is different and yet there is a common theme running through each data model. The data models and the metadata serve two communities – the technical community and the end-user analysis community. For the technical community the metadata and the data models act as an intellectual roadmap. For the end-user analytical community, the data models and the metadata serve as a guidepost for where the end-user analyst should go to in order to find the proper data for analysis.

Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.
Feb 8, 2021
Jan 19, 2012
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