Service-Oriented Cloud Computing Infrastructure (SOCCI) Framework

Service-Oriented Cloud Computing Infrastructure (SOCCI) Framework


Infrastructure is a foundational element for enterprise architecture. Infrastructure has been traditionally provisioned in a physical manner. With the evolution of virtualisation technologies and application of service-orientation to infrastructure, it can now be offered as a service.


Service-orientation principles originated in the business and application architecture arena. After repeated, successful application of these principles to application architecture, IT has evolved to extending these principles to the infrastructure.


An enabling framework of a well-defined, integrated set of service-oriented components is essential for infrastructure to be provided as a service.


Service-Oriented Cloud Computing Infrastructure (SOCCI) is the realization of this framework for the cloud. This document details the SOCCI elements, the synergies realized through the cohesive application of SOA and cloud-based principles, and the SOCCI Management Building Blocks.


It expands upon the relationships between service-orientation and its application to various infrastructure components. Finally, the concepts outlined are explained in the context of a business scenario – Motor Cars in the Cloud.


Target Audience

  • Architects including enterprise architects, SOA architects, and infrastructure architects
  • IT strategists and lead designers
  • Standards organizations as a foundation for other standards and to apply to industry domains










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17 Jan 2012
17 Jan 2012
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