Computer Weekly - 17 January 2012: featuring the future of IT education; G-Cloud in action; networking challenges

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In this week’s issue of Computer Weekly, we look at the future of computer science education now the government has scrapped the current ICT curriculum, and what this means for the IT industry. We talk to an early adopter of the government G-Cloud plan to assess the benefits it has delivered; and we examine the key challenges for network architects over the next 12 months.


What does scrapping the GCSE ICT curriculum mean for the tech sector?

The government’s decision to scrap the curriculum for ICT GCSE follows criticism that the course was irrelevant. But will giving schools the freedom to teach the subject as they see fit be enough to close the IT skills gap and re-invigorate the economy?


Warwickshire Council pioneers cloud to cut public sector IT expenditure

Warwickshire is one of half a dozen foundation delivery partners working on the government’s G-cloud programme. The council recently signed a pilot with Google to provide e-mail services, in a move it expects will save around £250,000 per year in licensing costs.


Transformation boosts productivity and cuts costs with mobile working

Severn Trent CIO Myron Hrycyk talks about the benefits virtualisation has brought to the £1.4bn utility giant.


CIOs must innovate for enterprises to exploit cloud’s business potential

CIOs will have the opportunity to move away from the traditional scenario of spending 80% of their budget on maintenance and 20% on innovation if they harness cloud computing technologies.


Opinion: The fruits of best practice in project management

Project management and the IT industry go together like jam and toast. But not all project management is good project management, writes Ian Templeton, head of the Project & Programme Management Centre of Excellence at Orange Business Services.


Buyer’s Guide to IT consumerisation: Part two - how consumerisation can empower your employees

Consumerisation is a relentless force of employees harnessing technology to improve how they work and what they accomplish – it is employee-led groundswell innovation.


The networking challenges of 2012

Ian Foddering, Cisco UK & Ireland CTO, talks about the key issues facing network architects this year.


Take a structured approach to make sure your data is secure in the cloud

Organisations must assess the value of their cloud data and match their security measures, say experts.


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