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NAS Modernization: Oracle Sun ZFS Storage Appliance


Most IT pros think of NAS as a simple and efficient approach to file storage --- but an approach that lacks the IOPS, throughput, scalability and security of the more enterprise-capable SAN storage. This may be true for basic file servers, but today’s NAS market is more diverse than ever.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've been hearing a lot about the explosion of unstructured data that is happening now and will continue for years. The old way of building mega-scale file servers and calling it NAS simply doesn’t scale.  

New technologies and architectures enable NAS efficiently to scale and help keep storage costs low, in order to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow and leave the past behind.

This IT Briefing highlights the current state of NAS storage and specific technologies that Oracle is leveraging in its new ZFS NAS platform. Included is a Question & Answer section with independent enterprise storage expert Stephen Foskett and Oracle’s Group Manager for NAS Storage Product Management Alex North. View now to learn more.


Oracle Corporation
06 Jan 2012
06 Jan 2012
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This resource is no longer available.