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Agility Meets Stability: Best Practices for Application Integration


Today’s IT leaders are well aware of the growing need for an effective application integration solution. It isn’t the complexity of the technical challenges that keeps you awake at night; it’s the risk of investing time and resources in an integration approach that may or may not deliver the business value you need. To that end, you are exploring your options and studying best practices to keep your organization lean and agile enough to take advantage of the latest best-of-breed solutions, while at the same time maintaining the stability needed for your IT department to continue to meet the needs of line-of-business stakeholders.

In this white paper, Dan Moore, the senior vice president of professional services at IBM, Cast Iron reviews the current application environment in light of emerging trends, describes an ideal complete integration solution and discusses common sense best practices as well as pitfalls. He also presents two IBMWebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration implementation case studies: Siemens Energy, a sector of the industrial enterprise giant Siemens, and CompWest Insurance, a dynamic mid-market provider of workers’ compensation, which IT leaders like you may find relevant to resolving your own integration challenges.

03 Jan 2012
28 Dec 2011
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This resource is no longer available.