Computer Weekly – 20 December 2011: Read this week’s issue, featuring: retail IT issues for Christmas; the cost of software failure; the founder of agile development

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The top five technology strategies for online retailers this Christmas

Christmas shopping habits have changed significantly since last year, with cash-strapped consumers using technology such as mobile shopping to get the best deals. We look at the top five technology strategies retailers are using to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market.

Faulty software a big risk to business

A report into the cost of fixing software problems in live applications has revealed that the average large application requires extra investment of 2.23m GBP to fix as a result of problems that become apparent once it goes live.

From here to agility

Jim Highsmith, NASA software developer and one of the co-authors of the agile alliance manifesto, talks about self-organising teams and leadership.

Accelerating the technology roadmap drives IT-enabled growth at Sainsbury's

Chief technology officer Julian Burnett talks about planning for IT project delivery and a multi-channel set up at Sainsbury's.

Opinion: Businesses face tough EU data protection laws

Recently leaked information gives details of a European proposal for a new data protection law. If the leaks are to be believed, the new law will require EU countries to adopt stringent new data protection measures, writes legal expert Dai Davis.

Buyer's Guide to outsourcing: Part four - Trends in outsourcing deals for 2012

The global downturn will increase the number of new deals done in 2012 as clients find they cannot put decisions off any longer. Smaller services deals mean changing suppliers more often but higher margins for outsourcers.

CIOs need the people to manipulate big data and customers' experiences

CIOs have a tough challenge ahead in 2012. While cost-cutting will inevitably be on the agenda, businesses will still look to them to deliver on innovation, helping firms operate smarter, faster and leaner to gain a much-needed competitive edge.

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Dec 20, 2011
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