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In this week’s Computer Weekly, we talk to the British Library about the enormous storage challenges of digitising its printed archive, a task that may not be achieved in our lifetimes; we examine the state of the UK IT jobs market and highlight the skills that are most in demand by employers; we look at case studies of the best virtualisation projects; and the final part of our Buyer’s Guide to Windows XP upgrades makes the business case for moving to Windows 7.


Taking the British Library into the digital age

Nobody said digitising five billion pages would be easy. The British Library has a reputation for innovation, but has achieved just 1% of its ambitious project to digitise its printed catalogue.


IT jobs growth centres on software publishers and in southern England

Demand for permanent and freelance IT staff is still increasing despite a sizeable drop in IT positions advertised by public sector organisations.


Energy supplier scales computing power through the Amazon cloud

Electricity supplier Haven Power is using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud to provide cost-effective access to more computing power than it is ever likely to need as the firm grows rapidly.


Weather Channel forecasts a revenue boost from master data management

We look at how The Weather Channel is deploying Talend MDM tools to improve data quality and increase income


Intelligence is key to protecting data against fraud and espionage threats

Security experts tells businesses to gather intelligence to turn the tide of cyber threats. Security intelligence, they say, is crucial to IT security enabling business growth and to chief information security officers (CISOs) winning a place at the top table in business.


Opinion: Why trust is a big deal for UK companies

Trust is big business these days. The seemingly daunting challenge of providing confidence and security when doing business, or carrying out personal transactions, in the world of government online services requires innovative thinking, writes Andrew Tyrer from the UK’s Technology Strategy Board.

Buyer’s Guide to upgrading from Windows XP: Part four - Why you must move to Windows 7

Windows XP – while being excellent for the job it was developed for –is no longer fit for purpose. Windows 7 is what Windows Vista should have been and Windows XP should no longer be accepted as a suitable desktop for today’s business needs


Virtualisation case study: Flybe

Flybe, the low-cost airline, had native back-up and replication software that couldn’t support a growing virtualised infrastructure or the company’s key business operations. The firm needed a scalable back-up tool for its virtual machines (VMs) that would run critical applications.


Virtualisation case study: Avis

In just six months, Avis Norway replaced its dispersed IT setup of three datacentres delivering similar services with a centralised IT infrastructure. Using VMware-based server consolidation, the project brought performance efficiencies and cost savings to the business.

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This resource is no longer available.