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Oracle SOA vs. IBM SOA – Customer Perspectives on Evaluating Complexity and Business Value


Implementing a service-oriented architecture (SOA) in your business comes with plenty of benefits, such as lower costs, faster computing, and the ability to develop mission-critical applications on a shorter timeframe - and those are just the beginning. However, SOAs come with challenges too, especially when it comes to implementation. Your best course of action is to pick a SOA that you know you can live with, but which one? SOAs from Oracle and IBM are currently leading the industry, but there is still debate about which one is better.

Download this white paper, Oracle SOA vs. IBM SOA for a comprehensive comparison between these two market leaders.
● Discover the unique benefits to each SOA product
● Learn how certain drawbacks can become major issues down the road
● Inform your SOA decision makers

With this white paper, Oracle SOA vs. IBM SOA, you'll get a healthy perspective on SOA and figure out which option is best for your organization.

Oracle Corporation
05 Dec 2011
05 Dec 2011
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This resource is no longer available.