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Development Testing For Agile Environments


According to a recent study, almost 40% of companies have implemented some form of Agile development. While it’s designed to increase efficiency, it can also introduce risk as testing cycles get condensed and serious bugs can get overlooked. In this whitepaper, learn how Coverity can help you assure the quality, security and safety of your code in Agile or hybrid development environments to:

  • Improve quality by allowing developers to test for defects early and often so they can ensure the quality of their code at each development sprint
  • Reduce time and risk by finding hard to spot critical defects directly from within their IDE or as part of the central build process during where they are cheapest and fastest  to address
  • Improve productivity of developers by providing them actionable information about the severity of defects, their potential impact and where they occur in the code
  • Apply a continuous code assurance by testing the code for defects as part of a continuous build system
  • Integration with leading Agile development tools including Jenkins continuous integration server
Coverity by Synopsys
28 Nov 2011
28 Nov 2011
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This resource is no longer available.