The IBM Rational Jazz Strategy for Collaborative Application Lifecycle Management

The IBM Rational Jazz Strategy for Collaborative Application Lifecycle Management


Software and systems are essential to nearly every business. Global organizations require software solutions that span geographic boundaries, cultures and business units and that comply with corporate governance mandates. Such global businesses must collaborate effectively and leverage existing investments, or lose out to competitors. This collaboration nearly always involves business partners and customers in defining - and sometimes even creating - software products. To compete in this climate, organizations must rethink the ways that they build and deliver software solutions.

The global technology infrastructure - specifically the use of the Internet and web-based services - provides proven, scalable and often cost-effective solutions for the challenges of distribution and collaboration. New technology driven ways of working, such as those leveraging Web 2.0 concepts, are familiar and have transformed users' expectations.

People produce high-quality software. Tools and processes are enablers. IBM Rational is providing integrated tools and processes that help people working in distributed teams become more effective in producing software solutions. This is what the Jazz initiative is all about. The goal of Jazz is to transform the systems and software lifecycle so that it is more collaborative, transparent and productive.

The Jazz initiative consists of three elements:

  • An open, collaborative platform for lifecycle tool integration in a global environment
  • A set of products that support the Jazz platform
  • A transparent community working together to integrate and develop lifecycle tools.

This white paper discusses the broad vision for the Jazz initiative, the technology and associated products from Rational and its partners, and the community that is participating in all of these elements. It includes experiences shared by users of Rational Jazz products as well as those of partners building complementary Jazz-based capabilities.

Feb 8, 2021
Nov 28, 2011
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