Presentation Transcript: How To Deploy Affordable Two-Factor Authentication Amidst Shrinking Budgets And Growing Data Protection Requirements

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Organizations of all sizes are utilizing the Internet to lower costs, boost efficiency, improve communications with customers and partners, and connect remote offices and workers together. Unfortunately, these benefits don't come without risks and corporate and customer data is vulnerable to threats which have grown exponentially in recent years. These threats have made passwords obsolete and resulted in legislation mandating two factor authentication.

This presentation transcript is designed to introduce the audience to the industry’s most affordable two-factor Out-of-Band authentication platform which addresses each and every one of the below challenges by enabling organizations to authenticate individuals and employees, “and/or” authorize transactions in real-time. Users will learn how to deploy an authentication platform that will protect the following: remote access (VPN), domain access, website access, application access, risk-mitigation and transaction based environments.

Today corporations face a number of challenges in securing their data:

  • Complying with regulations such as FFIEC, FACTA, PCI, SOX and HIPAA
  • Providing two-factor authentication to their customers in an affordable manner
  • Complementing Risk-based authentication systems with step-up Out-of-Band Authentication
  • Migrating away from hard tokens within the enterprise to mobile tokens and/or Out-of-Band authentication
  • Transaction Authentication to prevent man-in-the middle attacks
  • Securing cloud applications
  • Authentication Redundancy & Password reset to mitigate password related help desk calls & deliver ROI
  • Flexibility in deployment: in-house, cloud provider or hybrid configuration

In summary, users will learn about the worlds most cost-effective Out-of-Band authentication platform which is easy to deploy and support, will increase/enhance security, meet compliance requirements, and enable in a way that is not overly burdensome/cumbersome for the corporation or the end-user.

StrikeForce Technologies
Feb 8, 2021
Nov 22, 2011
Presentation Transcript
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