Layered Security: Protecting Your Data in Today's Threat Landscape

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Today’s threats to critical systems and valuable data come from more sources than ever—a ticked off employee who seeks revenge, or activists seeking to expose sensitive data. Even state-sponsored data breaches or infrastructure disruptions are possible in today’s ultra-connected world. In the past, data protection was relatively simple: just place the equivalent of an electrified fence around your perimeter to keep the bad guys out. But with attacks occurring from inside organizations, data and IT infrastructure residing in numerous locations, and data traveling across the Internet, clearly it's time to retire the perimeter-centric approach to security.

In this white paper, learn:

  • How threats have evolved over time.
  • The threat sources organizations face today when protecting their valuable data.
  • The different security layers required by today’s enterprise infrastructure.
  • Shortcomings of the perimeter-centric approach to security.
  • Steps to implementing a layered security approach to security.
  • The security controls you may need to employ with layered security.

Read this paper and learn how to implement a layered approach to security.

Tripwire, Inc.
Feb 8, 2021
Nov 15, 2011
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