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Information Governance Online Symposium -- E-discovery and the Cloud


The cloud has the potential to radically change e-discovery. Cloud applications can help data integration and reporting, and eliminate redundancy and disparate data management apps in the enterprise. However, the cloud also increases security risks and introduces some loss of data control.

In the first lesson of this two-part course, cloud security expert Kevin Beaver provides tips for compliance and IT managers on handling cloud e-discovery challenges, including:

  • Security incident management
  • Web application vulnerabilities
  • Records management lifecycle

The second lesson provides guidance for gaining control over information that lives in the cloud. Learn which topics organizations should be aware of before selecting a potential cloud platform, including:

  • Vendor rights and responsibilities
  • Performance and availability measurements
  • Information classification, retention and destruction

You’ll also find recommended reading materials pertaining to the topics discussed and at the end of the class, you can test your knowledge with our final quiz!

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15 Nov 2011
15 Nov 2011
Virtual Seminar

This resource is no longer available.