Enterprise modernization: A Rational approach

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Over the past half-century, businesses of all types across the globe have made significant investments in software and systems to automate business processes, deliver innovative capabilities and integrate operations. As technology has evolved, organizations have carefully considered choices about platforms, programming languages and methodologies in order to address business needs in the most effective ways possible as each new approach or capability has become available.

But multiple decisions about computing infrastructure made over a number of years have led to deeply embedded and often disjointed archeological layers of technology and information assets. Organizations find themselves with an incredibly diverse and evolving set of contributors distributed across geographies and generations with different skills, needs and expectations. Furthermore, new technologies continue to emerge at an increasing pace.

This paper presents a new, broad and all-encompassing multiplatform view of modernization in the context of applications, people and teams that will help you see where to begin, and where a comprehensive strategy might lead.

Feb 8, 2021
Nov 10, 2011
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