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Optimized Licence Management for the Datacenter


Optimized licence management is a necessity for all licences owned by the enterprise. While organisations are starting to understand their licence position for the desktop estate, the reality is that licensing in the datacentre presents a daunting set of challenges that require a robust, automated licence management solution.

Compounding this, it is difficult to take the same set of processes, technologies and remediation techniques used to manage desktop licences and apply them to datacentre licence management. Organisations need a solution to address the unique licence management requirements of all enterprise IT environments including the desktop and the datacentre.

Applications in the datacentre are strategic and run the business, but they are also expensive. Optimizing licence and maintenance spend in the datacentre typically represents the greatest potential cost-savings in the software portfolio. Decreasing ongoing costs of multi-million dollar applications in the datacentre is a fundamental component of overall IT spend reduction.

As organisations continue datacentre consolidation through virtualisation, licence optimization in the datacentre becomes even more critical to reduce the associated risk of software licence noncompliance – and more difficult without an automated solution.

Read this white paper and learn some of the datacentre licence management challenges, including:

  • Heterogeneous and multi-platform environments
  • Complex licence models
  • Virtualisation
  • And more.
Flexera Software
09 Nov 2011
09 Nov 2011
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This resource is no longer available.