Best Practices for Oracle Licence Management

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An international energy company conducted an internal assessment of Oracle license usage and identified 25 percent more database CPU’s than they thought had been deployed – which was a costly liability. In another case, a large global consumer packaged goods manufacturer saved over $30 million USD in licensing costs, including $7 million on Oracle software, by analyzing the actual installation and usage of databases and database options.

These companies reduced audit liability and achieved cost savings by proactively managing their Oracle licensing processes. They integrated asset management practices and deployed tracking software to deliver value throughout the software lifecycle management process – from negotiating favourable pricing to optimizing usage, saving on unnecessary expenditures and avoiding unforeseen costs from Oracle audits.

With Oracle audits on the rise, organizations that can best align license agreements with actual database and option usage can reduce their financial risk and maximize the value of their Oracle investments. The goal is to “right-size” Oracle across the enterprise and gain control over the entire license management process – from accurate needs projections and licensing negotiations, to deployments and audit preparation.

In this white paper you will learn five reasons why your Oracle licensing requirements may evolve, the five best practices for Oracle license management and more.

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Feb 8, 2021
Nov 9, 2011
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