Presentation Transcript: Addressing the Common Pitfalls in Availability and Performance Monitoring

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In this presentation transcript, the speaker speaks about availability and performance monitoring, along with key elements to have a key monitoring strategy. Several pitfalls that many occur also are discussed. Environment monitoring is put into three scenarios, discussing what is implemented for a good business environment.

The speaker discusses the importance of end-to-end server monitoring, comparing this to a pyramid with layers from top to bottom, physical layer to end-user experience. The health and view of business processes depend on server monitoring. It is important to watch client-based applications by: availability of servers, availability of services, alerts occurring, finding problems quickly and efficiently, seeing issues in the network, etc. Monitoring uptime and the availability of servers and network traffic are keys to the health of a business. Managing and monitoring the health of a business is not only for large business, it is for all businesses.

Speaker: Sal Del Conte, Director of Professional Services

Software Engineering of America, Inc.
Feb 8, 2021
Nov 2, 2011
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