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As an organization’s workforce becomes increasingly mobile and dispersed, its ability to survive and thrive depends on effective employee communications. Part of rethinking a communications strategy involves addressing dispersed audiences, flexible work environments, globalization challenges, and compliance issues. Information must be found, shared, and consumed in ways that are convenient for each user. Additionally, each organization needs to promote growth and innovation while spending less.

Cisco Collaboration Solutions can effectively improve communications at all company levels. These solutions align your organization to foster business results by improving customer success, promoting growth, and increasing profitability. By adopting these collaborative technologies, cultures, and processes, your organization can:

  • Create and cascade information to more people in more powerful and cost-effective ways, even in a crisis, using video communications
  • Enhance employee engagement, by building communities to host discussion forums, share knowledge, capture wisdom, and celebrate successes
  • Organize two-way conversations between executives and employees, using video, chats, blogs, and polls
  • Offer flexibility and choice to consume information conveniently, either in-person, virtually, or on- demand.
  • Hire talent, manage staff, and motivate teams using high-definition video
  • Invite partners and customers to communicate securely, to shorten decision times, enhance partnerships, and increase business alignment and synergy

With an overwhelming majority of employees now working outside corporate headquarters, keeping your workforce compliant with the latest developments will require leadership teams to adapt to diverse audiences, cultures, and behaviors. Find out how a transportation manufacturer, a university, a distribution company, and other organizations used Cisco Collaboration Solutions to cut costs, support better product launches, and enhance productivity and training, all by improving information delivery to employees.

“We now have a powerful and well designed network that has enabled us to improve services for staff and students.  As we continue to grow, we can be confident about adding users and introducing new applications such as online learning, at relatively little extra cost.” —Yaser University, an educational institution

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Feb 8, 2021
Oct 28, 2011
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