The Case for Infrastructure Convergence

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The recession and global economic crisis in 2009 had a profound effect on organizations' investment and operations priorities. Some of these are of a temporary nature, but others accelerated long-developing, fundamental changes in business practices and IT operations. Put simply, senior executives want to undertake an "operational" transformation of IT to boost the effective use of assets and make it easier for organizations to react quickly to major positive or negative changes in the business environment. Faced with a future where organizations need to deploy and effectively use hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of server (and/or desktop) application instances in a virtual environment, companies should consider deploying optimally configured (e.g., densest, greenest, simplest) converged IT infrastructure solutions (server, storage, network) that are managed as unified IT assets.

Read this IDC Analyst Connection to see the questions that were posed by HP to Cindy Borovick Program Vice President for IDC's Enterprise Communications and Datacenter Networks program, on behalf of HP's enterprise customers.

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Feb 8, 2021
Oct 27, 2011
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