Presentation Transcript: Creating a Dynamic Data Center: Best Practices for Integrating a Virtualized Server Infrastructure into Your Network

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This is a presentation transcript of “Creating A Dynamic Data Center; Best Practices For Integrating A Virtualized Server Infrastructure Into Your Network.” The presentation discusses the need for data center networks to transform through virtualization and distributed applications, as well as adopting a new operating model. The amount of servers virtualized continues to rise, driving cloud computing higher and higher.

The presentation continues on to explain key trends that are impacting data center, including IT as a service, green IT and more. By recognizing the limitations of current data center networks and data center infrastructure requirements, it is easy to recognize the need for virtual data centers and cloud computing.

The presentation explains the IBM System Networking, focusing on data center virtualization and intelligent networks that amplify the benefits of virtualization. The presentation further discusses virtual machines and its concerns and choosing the infrastructure right for your enterprise.

Softchoice Corporation
Feb 8, 2021
Oct 25, 2011
Presentation Transcript
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